Tuesday, November 15, 2016

[NEW ANIME] Yuri manga, Citrus, gets an anime adaptation

Saburouta’s*much-talked about yuri manga about two step-sisters, Citrus, is getting a much-needed anime adaptation, as announced by manga news website, Comic Natalie.
The manga follows two step-sisters who are forced to live with each other after their parents remarry. One is Yuzuko, a happy-go-lucky and fashionable girl who just like gallivanting with her friends, while the other is Mei, a stern and strict student council president. The two initially don’t get along at first, but everything changes when Mei kisses Yuzu out of the blue.
The manga is considered one of the most popular titles in the genre, even getting an official English version from Seven Seas. Yuri manga fans have been rejoicing with the announcement, and do expect more details about this new Citrus anime to be announced in the days to come.
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