Monday, October 3, 2016

Is that Ichigo?! First photos of live-action BLEACH movie's filming seen

Tite Kubo’s BLEACH manga series is getting a live-action movie, and for the first time ever, photos of actor*Souta Fukushi *have surfaced online, and they feature him donning that iconic black Shinigami costume, wielding his Zanpakutou, Zangetsu.
Online, people have made fun of the prop that*seems to be Zangetsu, Ichigo’s large cleaver-like sword, however, many others have theorized that it might just be enhanced through CGI effects since the real thing might be too heavy for actor*Souta Fukushi to carry.As for Sota*Fukushi himself, he previously starred in the live-action movie adaptation of the shoujo manga/anime series, Say I Love You, and also appeared in Kamen Rider Fourze.*The announcement for the film was made after the 686th and final chapter of Tite Kubo’s manga ended. The announcement also stated that the live-action movie is slated for 2018.
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